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Kevin Fleming Recalling his travels around Scotland as a child…..


Kevin Fleming

…..Kevin remembers being amazed and enchanted by the Scottish wild places, villages, cottages, harbours, scenery and landscape; by the dramatic colours, moods and atmosphere. Since moving to the countryside as an adult, he has tried to rediscover the immediacy of those first perceptions, and re-engage with the childlike sense of discovery and adventure. Kevin Fleming paints with the immediacy of those first perceptions, so that every painting is a new discovery of colour/colour mixture, tone, and composition. The technique is a vehicle to express those spontaneous bursts of emotion: joy, exhilaration, wonder, sublimity, appreciation of beauty etc. upon coming across a particular scene which impresses and captivates me. Each painting is a celebration of colour and emotion, woven in with a love of the Scottish landscape, themes and subjects. Childlike inspiration combined with a certain technical maturity yields genuine emotional content and satisfying clarity of expression, focusing on uniquely Scottish scenes.