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Ludmilla Kosmina – Original Art        Click an image to see artwork framed.

Romantic Song

Romantic Song

Medium: Ceramic Size: 13 x 21cm Price: £250
Pretty Lady

Pretty Lady

Medium: Ceramic Size: 16 x 27cm Price: £195
Flowers For My Darling

Flowers For My Darling

Medium: Ceramic Size: 10 x 13cm Price: £105

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    Ludmilla Kosmina was born in the Ukraine and has lived in Scotland since 1990. Ludmilla works full time as a…..


    Ludmilla Kosmina


    technical consultant but she enjoys nothing better than spending her free time creating unique ceramic sculptures in her own studio which she set up in 2003.
    Ludmilla designs and creates one-off ceramic sculptures of people, with humorous qualities, all of which capture the observed essence of human behaviour. Her inspiration comes from observing the life around her, and only produces figures of happy people enjoying themselves. For Ludmilla human nature is immensely interesting and aims to express that interest in her sculptures, with little reference to perfect anatomical proportions. She prefers to work in a stylised technique that appears to retain the expression of human behaviour. Each piece is hand-made using earth-stone clay, glazed and fired in electric kiln up to four times, with the firing temperature going up to 1250C.

    “I like to think that my sculptures are humorous and slightly whimsical and that all of my pieces are unique in both form and personality.”

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