Frames for Artists

We are extremely experienced framers and pride ourselves on the comprehensive framing service we offer to artists.  Our frames are all made on site in our Stirling workshop – Unit 7 Phoenix Industrial Estate, Stirling FK7 7SH – Tel 01786 445336   Mobile: 07506 170722 – email:

Variations to the finishes we can create for individual works are infinite, which makes laying down a price list impossible. So in an attempt to organise, we’ve separated the various mediums into five, starting with simple wood dye all the way to water gilding with multiple layers of colour.

Pricing. Please call to discuss your ideas. Once finalised, the different finishes are priced by the foot – it’s as simple as that.

Wood Dye

Starting with untouched bare wood,  we apply a water based dye, from a range of colours by Liberon, leaving the natural beauty of the wood grain visible, then finish with bees wax.

One Colour

First we prepare the wood surface with two layers of gesso, then apply two or more coats of paint – finally bees wax to protect and preserve. The range of colours available is endless, literally, though we’ve found Farrow & Ball’s jewel-like shades and earthy tones, which are based upon natural pigments, to be a great starting point.

Multiple Colours

First we prepare the wood with layers of gesso, sometimes textured. You may have a preferred combination of colours or be happy to choose one of our tried and tested favourites – or we’ll spend time with you composing a frame design that best presents your work. Finished with bees wax to protect and preserve.

Full Gesso

“Gesso”, also known “glue gesso” or “Italian gesso” is a traditional mix used to coat rigid surfaces as a permanent substrate. Here, we apply up to 30 thin coats to form a new surface that removes hard corners and edges, creating a beautifully simple, seamless alliance with your artwork. Superb in its simplicity but also a perfect ground to which you might add colours or gilding or both.

Full Gesso, Metal Leaf, Paints & Wax

Here we combine a gesso surface with metal leaf, often gold or silver along with paints, to present your artwork at its best. Finished with wax to preserve and protect.

These finishes are intended for artists with whom we hope to develop personalised  unique finishes and build long term relationships.


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