Tony Feld – Original Art      

Catch Of The Day

Catch of the Day

Medium: Acrylic Framed Size: 46 x 33cm Price: £1250
Swans, Dumbarton

Swans, Dumbarton

Medium: oil Framed Size: 74 x 54cm Price: £3000
Orange Beetle

Orange Beetle

Medium: oil Framed Size: 56 x 74cm Price: £3000
Grey Heron

Grey Heron

Medium: oil Framed Size: 83 x 62cm Price: £3000

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Feld’s dedicates his time to two lines of thought: The first is a series of observational pictures…


Tony Feld

…often including people where he depicts the normalities of daily life; the second is wildlife that he has come across in his travels to South Africa, stemming from his fascination with the natural world. Old buildings, reflections, shadows and light inform his work.

Feld works from his own photographs, enjoying the process of finding a narrative that will resonate with the viewer. He draws out the image often on mounting board, which is then sealed before painting. Feld paints in oils which him the desired depth and brilliance of colour. He avoids under painting so the whiteness of the surface comes through.

Tony Feld has established his position in the UK as a respected, veteran artist. He has exhibited at well known exhibitions including: The Wildlife Artist of the Year; the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the Brighton Art Fair.