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Matylda Konecka – Prints       Click an image to see artwork framed.

Take Me To The Castle

Take Me to the Castle

Medium: Giclee Framed Size: 59 x 59cm Price: £95

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    Matylda Konecka is an artist from Wrocław (Poland), born into an…


    Matylda Konecka

    established and respected family of artists. She graduated from Landscape Architecture at the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. Moving to the UK in 2010 she set up her art studio in a 19th century Victorian vicarage,and soon became one of Scotland’s best selling illustrators. In 2016 she was listed as one of Poland’s top 5 female artists.

    She has been awarded prizes in several major competitions, and has had a number of individual and group exhibitions throughout Europe. She has also designed album covers for several well established musicians and bands.

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