Marion Drummond – Original Art        Click an image to see artwork framed.

Red Or Dead

Red or Dead

Medium: Oil on Board Framed Size: 51 x 46cm Price: £5000
Little Striped Jug

Little Striped Jug

Medium: Oil on Board Framed Size: 52 x 52cm Price: £1400
Little Red Jug

Little Red Jug

Medium: Oil on Board Framed Size: 47 x 47cm Price: £1400

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Marion Drummond is one of our most distinguished and established artists. With a style…


Marion Drummond

…all of her own, immediately recognisable, Marion is an artist of great natural talent and consistent quality. Painting in oils, often with her fingers rather than brushes, Marion strives to capture the immediacy and vibrancy of the scene before her, whether that be a still life, a portrait or a landscape. Such is the connection with the work in front of her that she will often mix the paint directly on the canvas with her fingers; in this process, there is a literal transfer of human warmth and energy to the painted surface. She describes her work as dynamically capturing ‘the moment’ and portraying it with a passionate energy. Scottish born and bred, Marion is enjoying growing success with collectors far and wide and we are proud to have represented her successfully for many years.