Lynn Rodgie – Original Art        Click an image to see artwork framed.

Light On Bluebell Woods

Light on Bluebell Woods

Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: 68 x 78cm Price: £895
Lewis, Crocosmia

Lewis, Crocosmia

Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: 77 x 103cm Price: £2250


Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: 86 x 86cm Price: £1950

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Lynn was born in Hamilton, Glasgow in 1967. She studied Art & Design at…


Lynn Rodgie

Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, graduating with a BA Hons. From there, she went on to be a successful graphic artist and illustrator.

Throughout this time, she was always painting but it wasn’t until moving to the Scottish Borders – she now lives in the picturesque village of St Boswells – that she was able to concentrate on her painting full-time. She has a young family (all boys!) so she now combines these two roles.

Painting mainly in oils, Lynn draws her inspiration from the nearby landscapes and architecture.