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Joyce Gunn Cairns – Original Art        Click an image to see larger

Girl In Yellow

Girl in Yellow

Medium: Oil Framed Size: 42 x 41cm Price: £375
Goats In The Snow

Goats in the Snow

Medium: Oil Framed Size: 43 x 37cm Price: £345


Medium: Oil Framed Size: 48 x 63cm Price: £425
John Anderson My Jo

John Anderson my Jo

Medium: Oil Framed Size: 64 x 86cm Price: £750

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    Some artists recoil when their work is described as self-portraiture but I don’t fit into that category . I regard everything…


    Joyce Gunn Cairns

    …that I draw or paint, onto board or paper – be it cats, birds, flowers or people – as nothing more nor less than a relentless striving towards a deeper level of self expression and meaningful interaction with all sentient creatures. That being so I despair that my work is not more overtly political , topical , narrative-based. I despair also that it is not more beautiful, more compassionate, more incisive. But I am grateful that I am not afraid to confront the sordid as well as the redeeming aspects of my humanity ; I live and breathe the salutary awareness that I have never been tested by torture, starvation, displacement. My hope is that within the limitations of my technical skills and experience and as a reflection of my vulnerability and soul searching there is space for the viewer to relate to the complexity of her or his own humanity.

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