Aaminah Snowdon – Original Art        Click an image to see artwork framed.

Little Scamp

Little Scamp

Medium: Giclee Size: 50 x 50cm Price: £145
It’s A Knockout

It’s a Knockout

Medium: Giclee Size: 90 x 73cm Price: £280
Hedgie & The Hoglets

Hedgie & The Hoglets

Medium: Giclee Size: 63 x 54cm Price: £180

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Aaminah Snowdon was born in 1990 in Northallerton, North Yorkshire and is a self-taught artist. Her avid interest in art started…


Aaminah Snowdon

at the age of 7 when she won a school competition by painting a rather surreal whale blowing out multi-coloured water spouts.
In 2012, after earning herself a 1st class honours degree in Ancient History at The University of Birmingham, she decided to pursue a career in art, with a focus on developing her own unique style that would combine her interests: animals, humour, eccentricity, bold colours and energy.
Visiting art museums is a favourite past time of hers. She appreciates the vast array of painting styles, composition and subject matter and favours the eccentric and unusual. Being an animal-lover, she is drawn to artwork depicting animals.
Aaminah’s artwork revolves exclusively around British wildlife, farm animals and pets.  Working on watercolour paper using acrylic paints, Aaminah paints using lively and spontaneous brushstrokes with bold, vibrant colours to impress the quirkiness, movement and character of her subjects into the painting. She completes each painting with its own witty and fun title.
Her love of all animals started at a very young age. She was always keen to rescue animals, whether injured ones or just moving snails off the pavement so they didn’t get trampled. Her fondness for animals has persevered up to this day, for she continues to rescue animals and regularly donates a percentage of her profits to animal charities, notably The Wildlife Haven in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.