About Us

Founded in 1989 Stirling Art specialises in contemporary art and works closely with emerging and established artists.

We seek out, work with and mentor painters and sculptors who display talent, skill and natural creativity and we are committed to nurturing their careers.

Using separate areas of the gallery space, we show constantly changing collections of paintings from our stable of artists and each month feature a collection of up to 20 works by one artist or a themed collection by a group of artists.

At Stirling Art, we believe in the life enhancing capacity of art and we seek to make art accessible to everyone, from the first time buyer to the collector.

We strive to provide excellent personal service at all levels; we welcome enquiries from both artists and clients and we are delighted to assist and advise with the selection and hanging of artwork.

Josie Day – Partner

Josie is the consummate retailer. Having begun her career with a small local boutique whilst still at school, she quickly progressed to national retailers and a senior management position with Country Casuals.

During 1989 both Josie and Mike gave up careers with nationally known companies to open Stirling Art in the same site from which they continue to trade today.

With a passion for art and people, Josie is the public face of the business. After decades of experience listening to our clientele and establishing links with artists and suppliers to best meet their needs, Josie is the heart of the gallery.

Mike Day – Partner

One of my earliest memories is sitting on the wall of my Grandmother’s drying green in the West Port, Edinburgh looking over into the studios of Edinburgh School of Art and being fascinated by all that was taking place – even then, I knew I’d be at home in the art industry. Josie and I now run just one gallery – Stirling Art – as well as framing workshops and a print studio – all of which constantly strive to serve our clientele to the highest standards.

About Us