david mould - photo encaustic art panel

new paintings
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Award winning photographer David Mould lives on the northern edge of Glasgow with amazing access to the Trossachs and Glencoe amongst others.
Focusing on landscapes, whether it is Highlands or the Trossachs, his seven plus years behind the camera have taken him to some of the most beautiful locations in Scotland, and, using filters to convey mood and light, subtle processing effects to duplicate the vibrancy of the scene, he attempt to convey the isolation, elements and beauty to the viewer.
"Some people say photography is luck, well, i believe that you make your own luck…knowing where the sun rises and sets, knowing when the leaves change colour; luck is all the elements coming together at once…but knowledge puts you in the right place to capture the shot!"
"I feel that I am an advocate for people who are either too lazy, or unaware of the beauty of Scotland in the 'strange' hours that landscape photographers inhabit… I think that the outdoors, and particularly Scotland, even in the rain, has a strange sense of calm between about 4 and 8am in the morning… the time of noisy Osprey families and the last grunts of the retreating stags… when the clouds break or the mist forms… and that peculiar blue of moonlight gives way to the warming sunrise, creating opportunities that are rarely experienced other than by the most dedicated fishermen, or the most insomniac photographers…"
In addition to his photography, David has extended the experience of viewing his images by adding an artistic textural aspect through the addition of Encaustic Medium, a combination of Beeswax and Damar Resin, skillfully textured over a braced panel landscape image, adding another ethereal and tactile dimension to the feel and mood of the his wonderful Scottish landscapes…