elin isaksson - glass

This is an example of work we hold by Elin Isaksson. Please visit or call the gallery on 01786 465384 to check the availability of other work.
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Elin Isaksson Elin’s inspiration comes from the play of light, texture and movement in nature and she aims to capture a sense of place, a small detail or an atmosphere rather than reproduce a direct likeness of an object or form.
Her ideas often develops after travelling back to north of Sweden or along the coast of Scotland taking endless of photographs as muse. Elin mainly uses the glassblowing technique to achieve her elegant and tactile simple forms in subtle colour blends. She often finishes of a piece stretching it long and thin or bending it to keep a sense of movement, to capture the intense energy when working with molten glass.
In her cast glass she is intrigued by rough textures in contrast to very smooth tactile surfaces created when pouring hot glass into one off sand moulds. The solid sculptures contains layers of hand blown shards and stringers to create depth and layers to the mostly clear pieces.