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Simone Louise – Stoneware & Paperclay        Click to see a larger image

Pair Of Hares On A Box

Pair of Hares on a Box

Medium: Stoneware & Paperclay Size: 20 x 19cm Price: £100
Small Hare

Small Hare

Medium: Stoneware & Paperclay Size: 6 x 13cm Price: £40
Small Fox

Small Fox

Medium: Stoneware & Paperclay Size: 7 x 10cm Price: £40
Highland Cow Sml

Highland Cow sml

Medium: Stoneware & Paperclay Size: 10 x 10cm Price: £25


Medium: Stoneware & Paperclay Size: 11 x 8cm Price: £18

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    Having taken time out from my job as an estate manager to raise a…


    Simone Louise

    …family I found myself with too much time on my hands once my son started school. I’ve always dabbled in art, mainly watercolours and whilst looking at getting back into painting I stumbled across a ceramics evening class which then led to me undertaking a part time art and design course at Cleveland College of Art. The course introduced me to textiles, glass and jewellery as well as working with clay. Now knowing clay was the direction I wanted to take I set up my own studio with kilns at home where I am embarking on a journey of self teaching, experimenting with various different clays, hand building techniques and surface decoration. My work is largely Influenced by animals and sea life, sometimes with a surreal twist.’

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