Michelle Hall – Ceramics        Click an image to see a larger image.

Red Grouse

Red Grouse

Medium: Ceramic Size: 20 x 12cm Price: £99
Kingfisher On A Base

Kingfisher on a Base

Medium: Ceramic Size: 9x17cm Price: £69


Medium: Ceramic Size: 10x5cm Price: £35
Wren On A Base

Wren on a Base

Medium: Ceramic Size: 9x12cm Price: £60

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After completing BA(Hons) Fine Art. Michelle now has an art studio based…


Michelle Hall

…in Glastonbury. Michelle’s figurative style captures the character and movement  of her subjects, whilst photography and drawing from life enable her to maintain accuracy. She constructs sculptures from clay, plaster or wax.
Her tactile sculptures are all hand made in the UK each one an individual. Michelle has a wide range of ceramic, bronze and Bronze resin sculptures, produced with a variety of glazes and textures.