Christine Cummings – Ceramics       Click to see a larger image.

Jack Russell

Jack Russell

Medium: Ceramic Size: 21x21cm Price: £150
Lying Collie

Lying Collie

Medium: Ceramic Size: 21x10cm Price: £105

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I began making animals whilst studying ceramics at…


Christine Cummings

…Lancashire Polytechnic, which to begin with was purely pig studies, spending alot of time at agricultural shows in the rare breeds tent. Many Years later I’m still making pigs along with a whole host of other animals, source material is never far away – a cow in a field, a scratching chicken or a dog racing down the street. Sketching from life is a very big part of my work making me study the subject at great length. The pieces are all hand crafted in earth stone clay being finished either by Raku or smoke firing. I sell work widely through galleries across the UK and in Europe.