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Cat Santos – Ceramics       Click to see a larger image

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    Graduating from St Martins in the early eighties, Cat used her knowledge of printmaking to…


    Cat Santos

    set up a T-shirt printing business which she would run for thirty years before moving on to her current career as a ceramicist. She currently lives and works in London.

    Cat’s imagery is often about people in spaces and the sheer scale of our surroundings. She states that she aims to capture moments of wonder as she struggles to comprehend all that science continues to uncover about humanity. Despite the profound, potentially esoteric nature of these themes, she retains a wry sense of humour ensuring that even the weightiest themes are tempered with a sense of warmth and levity.

    Cat began her ceramics career by experimenting with printmaking methods upon the surface of the clay itself. Exploring various techniques using slips, oxides and underglazes she discovered that the possibilities were endless and unlike printing on paper or fabric, the thrill of the ceramics is the transformation of the materials in the kiln. The occasional surprises yielded by this process make her feel as if the hands of an invisible collaborator have added the final touches to her work.

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