We seek out, work with and mentor painters and sculptors who display talent, skill and natural creativity and we are committed to nurturing their careers.

We believe in the life enhancing capacity of art and we strive to make art accessible to everyone, from first time buyer to seasoned collector.

new works

A constantly changing collection of works from our gallery artists.

Title:  Ancient Hulks, South Alloa
Artist: David Mould
Medium: Encaustic Art Panel
Size: 61 x 31cm
Price: £290

Limited editions and open editions from our gallery artists

About Us

Our gallery is situated in Stirling city centre at Upper Craigs, just 50 paces from Marks & Spencers.

Founded in 1989 by Josie and Mike Day who also established Morningside Gallery in Edinburgh, Stirling Art specialises in contemporary Scottish art and works closely with both emerging and established artists.

Using separate areas of the gallery space, we show constantly changing collections of paintings from our stable of artists and each month feature a collection of up to 20 works by one artist or a themed collection by a group of artists.

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